We will make a game or mask that will help to increase the coverage of the target audience within the campaign, attract new subscribers or boost sales.




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The duration of the effect development is from 3 to 10 working days
High speed
Customer service
We will return 100% of the funds if the effect does not pass the moderation
We will help you to publish the effect and pass the moderation
An experienced manager is always in touch. The response time is no more than <20 minutes


How much does an AR game or a 3D mask cost?
The cost of developing the effect starts from 20,000 rubles. It directly depends on the complexity, because each project and the client's task are unique. We discuss and approve the cost before starting work.
How long?
The development period starts from four days. Most often, the work is being prepared for the date of a specific newsbreak, so it is better to plan its production and loading in advance. But we always adjust to our partners and are able to work with short notice.
    What is the process of establishing?
    1. You leave a request in a convenient way.
    2. Our employee contacts you, answers questions and collects information about requirements and goals.
    3. The creative team comes up with the mechanics, then we approve it with you.
    4. We send you a ready-made version for testing, then make changes.
    5. We help to publish the ready effect that shows up to your subscribers.
    6. You will be able to analyze statistics on impressions and usage.
      How does a mask or game work in Instagram?
      There are two trends of modern marketing: audience involvement in interactive engagement with the brand and the "virality" of content. An AR game or mask helps to realize this.
      Firstly, if it is interesting, people will be happy to use it and interact with your brand. Secondly, it is easy to share it with friends and in the case of high-quality work, the mask becomes an active advertisement. Thirdly, there are ways to use it to increase sales directly.
        What marketing tasks does the game or mask solve?
        1. You can add a promo code in the game and it will directly sell a service or product.
        2. Users share a game or a brand mask, so you can see the coverage in the statistics: the number of uses and reposts.
        3. Increase in new subscribers
          Is it possible to make and load the mask yourself?
          Yes, of course. You can make a mask yourself, there is information on how to make simple options on the Internet. However, to do work with 3D models or with game mechanics, you need skills in modeling 3D objects and programming. We have a team of professionals with these competencies.
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